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  • Pottery for the Home

    Sari Sponhour is a ceramic artist creating stellar works in her home pottery studio. From the moment that the clay hits her pottery wheel, to the moment she pulls it out of the kiln, Sari ensures that each piece gets the attention it deserves. There is a certain quality to handmade pottery, and it shows through her body of work.


    Home Pottery for Every Occasion


    If you're looking for a convenient place to set your yarn, we'd recommend a yarn bowl from Sari's collection. This piece features a delightful swirl, and several different glazing colors are available. This ceramic piece provides both the beauty and practicality you'd expect from a quality clay pot.


    Another interesting set of pieces in Sari's collection is her collection of whiskey sippers. These provide a color (from the pottery glaze) that a standard glass can't provide, and could even double as a mug if you're feeling adventurous! A drink tastes better when enjoyed from a piece of art made by an experienced potter. Fortunately, Sari's got you covered with more excellence from her home studio.


    Ceramic Art Done Right


    From large to small piece, every clay project Sari creates on her pottery wheel is at the peak of the craft. From wheel to kiln, each piece is crafted by hand by a great artist in a comfy ceramic studio. Browse Sari's collection today! Sari also has kitchen and garden designs available.