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    There is no better way to enhance your outdoor space than with a garden. And there is no better way to enhance your garden than with quality garden decor. Sari Sponhour has been making some of the finest lawn ornaments and garden accessories for decades.

  • Sari's Featured Garden Decor

    For your outdoor patio or garden

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    Patio Lighting

    Sari's selection of outdoor decor has something for every taste, from garden art to birdbath.

    If you're looking to enhance your patio or outdoor space, consider a patio lantern from her collection. Not only does function well as a lovely ornament for decoration, but also adds life to your outdoor lighting, adding a newfound gleam to your patio furniture.

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    For our feathered friends!

    If you're a bird enthusiast and would like to see our flying friends make a visit, you might be interested in a birdbath from Sari's collection. Featuring glimmering leaves and a copper rod to add a modern flair, this piece could be a great finishing touch for an already beautiful garden or backyard.

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    Garden Ornaments

    Maybe you're looking for some company while gardening.

    In that case, you may need an adorable frog or turtle garden decoration! These pieces are crafted in such great detail that we forget they're just pieces of garden decor. They'd look great on your porch, in your flower garden, or even by your fire pit. Sari also has kitchen and home designs available!