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The Pleasure of Living

With Beautiful Artwork


A friend sent me a copy of an article published in an edition of Guild Sourcebook because she knew that I agree with its premise. It goes like this:

It is commonly accepted that being materialistic is bad, that we should embrace "less is more". I've never subscribed to that. I don't think we should stop buying or collecting when we near the end of our lives. A few new items won't make it noticeably easier for our caregivers to clean out our homes. We should surround ourselves with what we love at every stage of our lives. If we enjoy being surrounded by paintings, pottery, sculptures, etc. and they give us pleasure, that should not end.

Throughout the ages churches, synagogues, mosques were filled with art for inspiration and transformation. Our homes, where we spend most of our time, especially in this COVID era should be a rich visual environment. If you find pleasure in living with beautiful artwork that provides satisfaction and makes your world a more pleasant place, please support those artists and craftsmen whose work you love.

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