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Do You Know the Secret?

Do you know the secret? Have you discovered the Secret Garden Hostas of Chagrin Falls?

Having never heard about it I did hear from two friends on the same day how wonderful it is. Taking that as a sign, another friend and I went there last week on one of the very rainy days. After driving through wash-outs we arrived during a break in the weather.

They were having a plant sale, they specialize in hostas but have other plants, too. The garden tour is self-guided through their rolling grounds of trees and immaculate, mulched beds of specimen hostas. The work this represented, they had spread 100 yards of much, was impressive. Of course, we couldn't help mentally comparing their gardens with our more "naturalized" beds and vowing to be better stewards of our little plots of land. I don't really think that idea will translate to actual reality, but it is nice to dream and to admire someone else's effort.

We can always go back and spend a pleasant afternoon in such a lovely setting and buy a few plants for our own oasis. I certainly recommend this day trip to anyone interested in gardening. It is a lovely drive from Canton, if you go the "scenic" way, up route 43. A day can be leisurely spent checking out the charming town of Chagrin Falls

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